Anima campaign

The Summoning of Kal'Rek

As the mercantile princess Ruby Truesilver gets dressed into her commoner clothing in the house of a more than friendly innkeeper’s wife to keep her identity hidden Zhegan sneaks off back to the inn room. After seeing the horrific monsters that wander this area of the country he decides it’s time to delve into summoning the igneous beast Kal’rek. He shuts the door to his room slowly and carefully taking his time as he draws the symbols needed on the floor in a soft white caulk. Zhegan then taps his sword on the ground lightly it’s flames lighting up the caulk markings as he begins to concentrate taking a meditation for the rest of the day to bring forth the beast calling out into the Wake for his spirit. The floor cracks and splinters as the massive lizard crawls out it’s steaming body looking up as Zhegan issues one command while holding one of the lizard’s obsidian scales harvested by it’s previous master. “Kal’rek the devourer you will obey my commands” He speaks in an even measured tone as the creature lowers it’s head in submission to it’s new master while hungrily eyeing his wooden prison. All while Zhegan was summoning Kal’rek, Ryan is out readying the horses grumbling to himself as the horses seem to kick and neigh angrily with each technique he tries to calm them down. The local barmaid brings him out drinks and food as he loads up the carriage. A few miles from the village a local huntress patrols the forest her keep eyes both on the ground and those of her massive eagle in the sky patrol for more of the unnatural abominations she had seen walking out from the local area taking her closer to the small village as she follows a wanderer’s tracks as it seemed to have left the group and would an easy hunt…During this time our mercantile princess has escaped her boring guardians to investigate the exciting prospect of a zombie army…



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